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Tile & Grout: Self Grout Cleaning vs. Professional Grout Cleaning

tile and grout cleaning gilfordWith entire aisles of do-it-yourself remedies at every home improvement store and entire TV shows dedicated to weekend warriors, it’s no wonder the household chemical and cleaning market is booming today! Many products are great, and can really speed up the process of routine house cleaning. But there is some cleaning that is better left to the professionals, like All Brite!

Cleaning tile and grout can be backbreaking work. Despite so many products available in stores claiming to clean tile and grout without scrubbing, to get a deep down, full out clean, that is often simply not the case.

So let’s take a little time to talk about the difference between cleaning tile and grout yourself, and paying a Gilford-area professional to do the job for you from time to time. In fact, if you schedule soon, you can have all your tile and grout sparkling clean in time for the holidays!

Time & Energy

Let’s start with the easy advantages to paying a pro to do the job. It can take hours to clean and scrub a tile floor or shower with most equipment. When you add up the hours you would spend doing this cleaning yourself, it might very well be worth it to just pay a company to do the work, so you can find better ways to spend your time and energy – whether it be with other chores, work, or best of all – your family!


Professional tile and grout cleaning companies have years of experience doing tile and grout cleaning and use equally effective and reliable cleaning products to get the job done. These products, combined with professional tile and grout cleaning equipment, can reach deep into the pores of the grout and some tile, and release set-in debris.

Products bought in stores do not have the strength or ability to reach deep into the porous grout to clean away deep, set-in dirt and stains. Plus, many say all you need to do is spray it on, let it sit, then wipe or rinse away. If a cleaning claim sounds too good to be true, that might just be the case.

That dirt can over time cause the grout to break down and chip and crack, eventually needing full replacement. That can be a much more costly endeavor than paying for regular professional cleanings.


Be honest – you’ve scrubbed grout with a toothbrush, haven’t you?  A toothbrush covers far too little an area to be used to clean an entire home. Likewise, some scrub brushes are so coarse they can actually damage the tile and grout.

The reality is, some household cleaning supplies may really only compound the problem. For example, mopping your bathroom floor could just be pushing the dirt around and not really offering a true clean. Over time, despite your routine cleaning efforts, surfaces may begin to dull and stain because the dirt remains.

It is important to find a good balance between effective and abrasive so none of the surfaces are damaged. Professional cleaners have experience will all kinds of surfaces, and know what will or will not be OK for various finishes as well. For example, many homeowners have learned the hard way that you can ruin the shiny finish on granite or marble by using an ammonia-based cleaning product. By the time you notice, the damage has been done, and repairs are needed to restore the floor.

Professional cleaning companies have top-of-the-line equipment, such as steamers, and technology that will gently, but effectively give all your tile and grout surfaces a deep clean, and restore their luster.

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