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  • We here at All Brite Cleaning & Restoration, Inc. would like you to help us out and be paid for it. You see… we need your help for 2 reasons…
    1. We have just visited your home for one of our many services and we need to know how we did.
    2. We would like to have more clients like you who value quality and a job well done.
    So, if you are interested, please provide us with the names and complete addresses of at least 2 people you know who have not used us before and you think might benefit from our services. We will NOT do the following with their information:
    • We will NOT call them.
    • We will NOT sell their names to other people or companies.
    • We will NOT harass or pressure people to try our services.
    We DO believe in long-term relationships by providing valued services. If you can do the two things listed above, I will send you $10.00!

    AND, we will send you ANOTHER $10.00 CASH for each person you refer who utilizes our services!

    So please help us out and let us know if any of your family or friends might be interested in our services!

  • Remember: We need at least (2) Names and their addresses. They will not be sold, we will not call or harass them, we simply send them information and it will be entirely up to them to contact us.
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“Your team is very knowledgable and very professional. They came in and knew exactly what our carpet needed. We were so worried about finding a good carpet cleaner after our previous cleaner failed to deliver anything they promised. Well, we’re happy to say we’ve found a wonderful new carpet cleaner.”
– Jeff Rice

It was one day before our family Christmas party and I had spilled an entire glass of grape juice all over our white carpet. I thought no one would be able to help us. I couldn’t believe you not only came out and helped me but you were so very gracious and generous. I recommend you to all my family and friends! Thank you for your tremendous service!
– Susan Locke

“Your free Consumer Awareness Guide™ was the most important information I’ve ever received regarding the real truth about carpet cleaners. I would hesitate to use any carpet cleaner that would not make this information available to their customers. The Consumer Awareness Guide™gave me the confidence to know that I was choosing the right carpet cleaner! You guys were amazing and proved there are still “good guys” out there. Thanks!”
– Laura Sims

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