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What is Content Cleaning?

content cleaning concordOne of the most heartbreaking things after having a water, fire, or even mold damage is losing your personal belongings after the disaster. Many times this includes losing your pictures of memories and treasures you hold with that item throughout your Concord home. A lot of people think that after a disaster has struck their home, they will not be able to keep the items that were contaminated. However, in many cases, content cleaning is available for your items and valuable possessions. Thus being able to save and restore them back to the way they were, like the disaster never occurred. All Brite Cleaning technicians are able to deodorize, clean, and sanitize most household contents that have been affected.

Before beginning the restoration process, you or a professional need to inspect that have been struck by the disaster. Having a professional come look at your content that has been damaged, are able to tell you what can be cleaned properly back to the original state. Thus, saving those family memories that you have. When having a professional inspect your items, they have the proper training required to be able to make sure they can get your items back to the condition before the damage occurred.

After your contaminated content has been inspected, a content cleaning professional will come in and will be able to determine what equipment will be necessary to get the best results possible. The cleaning and restoration process is being able to get your content back to their pre-damaged stage. Many times, it is possible to salvage valuables that would have been considered unsalvageable by people. However, this depends on how quick you can react with the restoration process on your items.

Content Cleaning Equipment

Dry cleaning is probably the most common process that is usually done for content other than using just water to help clean your items. Often times tetrachloroethylene solvent is used in this method. This chemical method is used a lot to clean really delicate items and fabrics that cannot withstand the roughness of a washing machine. This cleaning method is great for cleaning light residues or to even pre-clean areas.

Using the Electronic Chambers will help allow content cleaning professionals to restore a high percentage of electronic devices as well. With an average of 20% of the replacement value. Which means saving you money. Often times professionals will come with this chamber and use it so you do not have to transport your electronics.

A great effective method that is used to remove moderate to heavy residue on your content is by wet cleaning. Wet cleaning is a process that uses a gentle washing machine that has biodegradable soaps to help clean your items. Professionals are the able to adjust to different types of fabrics and material types. Thus, allowing for a more effective deep cleaning on your personal items.


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