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How To Fortify Your Home For Major Weather Events

water damage repair laconia, water damage laconiaThere is much that can be done to protect your home from the effects of water damage. Cleaning your rain gutters, checking your water meter, and keeping your pipes from freezing are a few of the simple ways to do that. Despite those efforts, however, water damage is sometimes unpreventable. Normally, it is unpreventable because of hurricanes, tornadoes, hail and snow, and unusually freezing temperatures. Some measures can be taken to fortify your home against these types of disasters, but they are sometimes simply too powerful. Below are the different threats that each of these types of severe weather poses and what you can do about them. For any and all water damage repair needs you may have after a severe weather incident, All Brite Cleaning and Restoration in the Laconia area is just one call away to help you pick up the pieces after a storm.


Hurricanes are the most deadly type of severe weather that almost always lead to major water damage. The high winds of a hurricane alone are enough to make it a serious threat. Yet, the added danger of water into the equation makes hurricanes a potentially deadly threat. To fortify your home against an oncoming hurricane you should take care to secure your home by strapping down your roof with hurricane clips, bolting your entry doors and caulking your windows. An additional measure you can take is to trim your trees and move any loose debris out of your yard that a hurricane could send crashing into your home.


Tornadoes are very similar to hurricanes in the amount and type of damage they can cause. They don’t require large amounts of water like hurricanes do, but due to their high winds, they can still cause a significant amount of water damage. Fortifying your home against a tornado is very similar to doing so against a hurricane. Bolting down your doors, shuttering or caulking your windows, and clearing any potential loose debris near your home is a great start towards keeping your home safe in a tornado.

Hail And Snow

Hailstorms cause an average of 1.6 billion dollars of damage to homes in America each year. The damage caused by snow is very far-reaching as well. One of the best methods of preventing hail and snow damage to your home is by having the right roof in the first place. Having a roof that is not strong or sturdy enough opens your up to all kinds of water damage from snow and hail. Most commonly, a roof is damaged when it is not capable of handling the weight of the snow on top of it. This can lead to your roof being damaged or leaks beginning to occur.

Freezing Temperatures

Freezing temperatures are a very common cause of water damage. When temperatures dip below freezing, your pipes are in danger of freezing and bursting. Insulating your pipes from freezing temperatures is a good way to make this less likely from happening. You can also keep your water dripping throughout the night when it gets most cold or, consider shutting your water off altogether.

Severe weather and natural disasters are no joke. Despite your best efforts of prevention, they are oftentimes too powerful and your will home will suffer. If it does, don’t waste any time and get in contact with a certified restoration company right away. If you are in the Laconia area, All Brite Cleaning and Restoration may be the one for you!

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