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Water Damage Myths Busted

water damage cleanup concord, water damage concord, water damage removal concordThere are many misconceptions of what happens to a home or business after a water damage disaster. Your home will never be the same. It will take months for your business to reopen. The value of your property just plummeted. Everything damaged by the water must be thrown away; nothing can be salvaged. Guess what? All of those sayings are…myths! Water damage restoration work performed by certified and well-training companies like All Brite can have not only have your life back to normal sooner than later but can also save you thousands of dollars in property damage and property loss. It all starts with a single call for help, which can occur at any time of the day or night. 24 Hour emergency water damage cleanup companies exist, don’t wait until morning to call for help.

Now, let’s bust some more water damage cleanup myths!

The drying and restoration process could be done in just a few days.

This is absolutely true! Depending on the size of the affected area and the amount of water damage, and how quickly you call in a professional water cleanup crew, your property can be dried and returned to normal, or better, in a matter of days. Trained and certified water mitigation (removal) technicians have a thorough understanding of how water damage works and what equipment needs to be strategically placed for optimum drying efficiency.

Fun Fact: The sooner water damage mitigation crews get the drying process started, the sooner your home or business returns to normal! 

Mold doesn’t grow in newer homes, even if the basement is a little damp.

False! Excess moisture or standing water can trigger a bout of mold growth in less than 48 – 72 hours…yes, even in newer homes. Even cold winter weather doesn’t prevent mold from growing in areas of the home that have high moisture levels. Mold is very resilient and can travel throughout your home fairly quickly.

I have mold, but that is okay I will just throw some bleach on it.

Unfortunately, this is false. Bleach may remove the staining from mold damage but will do little to remove the mold itself. Spraying an area infested with mold with bleach will most likely have the microbial growth spreading faster than you know it. When disturbed mold can release microscopic mold spore into the air to find another suitable breeding ground.

Bleach also doesn’t penetrate porous surfaces to remove and mold that can be found underneath the surface. Water damage removal and mold damage removal involve using proven and approved chemicals that can reach far beyond the surface to remove any mold spores that are present.

Unfortunately, life has a way of surprising us in the most unpleasant ways. A water damage disaster is certainly not a welcome experience for any home or business owner in the Concord area, but having an experienced and knowledgeable flood damage restoration crew on your side, like All Brite Restoration & Cleaning, can make all the difference on getting your life back to normal.

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