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Carpet Cleaning Tips For Those Who Would Rather Be Doing Other Things

Let’s face it. Not many people look forward to vacuuming and cleaning their carpet. Yet, there are certain things you need to do to stay on top of carpet cleaning so you aren’t left with damaged and worn carpet in the future. To help you keep your carpet clean with as little invested time as […]

carpet stain removal laconia

Carpet Stain Removal Laconia

    Do you have ink stains on your carpets in Laconia? All Brite Cleaning & Restoration has some simple, easy to do it yourself, carpet stain removal tips for Laconia residents. Things you will need to accomplish simple carpet stain removal in Laconia: A clothing iron A dampened terry or wash cloth. A bottle […]

Cleaning Carpets in Laconia, NH

How often should you clean your carpets in Laconia? First you must ask yourself the following questions to determine how often you should clean your carpets. How many people live in the home? Is there any smoking on the premises? Do you have small children or pets? The IICRC, Cleaning & Restoration Inspection, has come […]