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Steps To Take When You Discover Water Damage

water damage repair concord, water damage concord, water damage cleanup concordWater damage is one of the most common issues that affect homeowners universally. And yet, no one really seems to be prepared with a plan to act on when it happens in their own basement. The first step is to stay calm – nearly everyone is affected by water damage at some point in their lives. You are in good company. We at All Brite would like to introduce the next steps you ought to follow when you discover water damage in your Concord home: 

  1. Don’t procrastinate calling a professional. Experts such as All Brite Cleaning in Concord are on the clock 24/7 offering emergency water damage services. These professionals will ensure that your home is dry and restored faster and with higher quality than you can, preventing bacteria and mold growth and a host of related issues that come with improper “do it yourself” restoration. In addition, your help will be on the way while you complete the following steps and you will minimize wasted time. 
  2. Remember safety first. Prioritize your health and safety and that of loved ones even in the heat of the moment. Don’t come into contact with contaminated water, avoid going into rooms or buildings with sagging ceilings, and exercise caution not to fall on slippery surfaces. In addition, shut off the water supply and power to affected areas. 
  3. Remove valuables. If you have valuable things (objectively, like cash or jewelry, or things of sentimental value like photo albums) that are in close proximity at all with flooding or other damage, remove those and stow them away in a safe, dry place. 
  4. Remove rugs and loose items on the floor. These can cause staining. Furniture can also be removed if possible. If it is not possible to remove furniture, try to put plywood or foil under the legs to protect the furniture from just sitting for extended periods of time, sinking into your wet ground. Experts generally recommend replacing carpet, carpet pads, and other porous materials as these are damaged particularly quickly. 
  5. Pay attention to your walls and ceilings. These can be susceptible to mold, odor, and structural damage from exposure to water even if they do not initially look damaged to you. Dry out your walls as fast as possible. Ventilate. To avoid mold in all areas, have an air current going as vigorously as you can. If you start to have signs of mold, this becomes tricky as you also don’t want to spread mold spores. Your specific situation will require specific care which a professional can help you with. 

A little care and precaution can turn your disaster into a mere inconvenience. For your water damage needs in Concord, All Brite Cleaning ought to be your first call for several reasons: we are certified and highly trained, fast in arriving and assessing the situation, available 24/7, locally owned and operated (for over 29 years), passionate about customer service. In addition, we offer the newest technology and equipment. Give us a call or send us a text today! 

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