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Four Ways To Detect Mold In A Home

mold damage laconia, mold removal laconia, mold cleanup laconiaMold can be a destructive force within a home. Given enough time to grow and spread, mold will develop inside your walls and ceilings and lead to serious structural damage. Along with causing structural damage, mold can also pose a significant threat to the health of those affected by it. Most often, the inhalation of mold spores leads to minor respiratory symptoms such as coughing and runny nose. In more serious cases, however, black mold can cause organ failure and even death. That being said, it is important to be aware of how to detect mold problems before they become more serious. Here are four tips on how to do so as recommended by our restoration experts at All Brite Restoration in Laconia.  

Musty Odor

This is one of the most obvious signs that you may have a mold problem. The musty odor put off by mold is unpleasant and distinct. Many people compare the smell of mold to the smell of wet socks and rotten wood. Once you notice this odor in your home, you should quickly take action to identify and remove the source of the smell. Begin by looking through your home to see if you can find it. If not, give us a call at All Brite in Laconia and our mold remediation experts will come out to assess the problem.

Respiratory Symptoms For Those Living In The Home

A sudden, or unexplained onset of respiratory systems may be an indication that mold is present in the home. However, there are a large number of reasons why someone may develop respiratory symptoms so it does not mean that there is a definitive mold problem. This can still be a helpful indication of mold growth though. If you or someone in your home experiences a sudden onset of respiratory symptoms along with any of the other indications of mold mentioned in this post, then you can be more certain that you do have a real mold problem.

Test The Air Quality

A sure way to determine the existence and the extent of a mold problem is to have your air quality tested. This can be helpful if there are no other signs of mold growth such as odors or stains but you still suspect mold in your property. 

Look For Water Leaks

One way to find a mold problem is to look for what causes mold problems. Leaks or excess moisture in a home are the most common reasons for mold growth. You should check around your home for the usual places for water leaks. This includes checking your sinks, pipes, toilets, water heater, and basement for leaks. If you detect a leak, your first priority should be stopping the flow of water and removing the water right away. If the leak is recent, this should prevent any major mold growth from occurring. Also, make sure you sufficiently dry the flooded area along with removing the water. Mold will still grow even if an area is moist.

Contact All Brite if you find yourself facing a mold damage problem. We are happy to help and want to ensure your family and home are protected from the dangers of mold.

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