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Kind words from our customers…

“We have utilized All Brite in the past for carpet, furniture, and window cleaning. We were always delighted with the service and the cleaning results. However, a recent incident is deserving of the highest accolades.

We accidentally spilled a RED holiday candle that had been burning all day, onto our new carpeting. There was wax splattered on the wall and molding, the furniture, and worst of all, wax puddles on the carpet. We called All Brite for some initial instruction on removal and scheduled a Technician for the next day. Our own cleaning efforts did not help much, so we thought it was a lost cause – anticipating having to replace the whole carpet and repaint the wall.

When the All Brite Technician showed up, he carefully assessed the situation and performed several steps in treating the areas. He brought in cleaning machinery from the truck, and within a half-hour, it looked like nothing ever happened to the area. I was hopeful about the carpet and furniture but never expected him to be able to remove the red wax and staining from the wall and molding, without even having to paint. Needless to say, we were elated, and highly recommend All Brite’s extensive experience and superior service.”

Bruce and Lisa Cole

Gilford, NH

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