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How to Keep Your Basement From Flooding


flood basement concordFlood and water damage is the number one risk to homeowners in the United States. According to insurance industry research, a staggering 98 percent of basements will experience water damage at some point in their lifetime. That’s a lot! So that begs the question, what can be done to help prevent your basement from flooding?

First, it is important to recognize that in some instances flooding and water damage simply isn’t preventable despite your best efforts. If you do experience a water damage in your home don’t think you are on your own. Call in a professional cleaning and restoration team to restore your home. At All Brite Inc. Cleaning and Restoration we serve the Concord, Massachusetts area and can help answer questions, work quickly to prevent additional damage and help you navigate the insurance issues.

Before it gets to that, though, here are some simple steps you can take to help keep that water out of your basement and hopefully keep you a part of the two percent who never have to experience a flooded basement.

Take Good Care of Your Gutters

This is one of the simplest yet overlooked things that you can do. Obviously cleaning your gutters regularly will keep them free of debris and clutter and allow the water to drain freely. It’s also important to have your rain gutter drain at least five plus feet from your house. If your rain gutter is too close you home the solution is simple. The price for extensions to your rain gutter is low and installation is easy.

 Have a Good De-Humidifier

This is important especially areas of potent humidity such as Massachusetts. Ideally, you’ll want a de-humidifier that has 65 plus pint per day capacity. In the humid months of the year, it is best to run it 24/7. For convenience, buy one with an optional drain hose. That way the water will just drain automatically without you having to go through the hassle of draining the de-humidifier each time it gets full.

 Own a High Quality, Reliable Sump Pump

Check your sump pump regularly to make sure it is clear of debris and blockage. If your sump pump is portable, make sure it is positioned in the lowest part of your basement and is connected to a power source. You may also want to consider having a reliable backup generator to hook up the sump pump. Otherwise, a disaster may wipe out your main power source and render your sump pump useless.

 Don’t Ignore Foundation Cracks

Cracks in your foundation are invitations for water to come in and damage the integrity of your home. Inspect the exterior foundation of your home and the walls and ceiling of your basement often. If you find small cracks fill them in with epoxy as soon as you can and contact a professional is the problem is more serious.

All in all, water damage to your basement is a very real problem no matter who you are. As you follow these steps your basement will be much safer, but even if damage does occur All Brite Inc. Cleaning and Restoration is here for you to help you get back to life.

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