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Can You See The Reflection?

There is enough water on this subfloor too create a reflection of the window on the floor.

Frozen Insulation

Water can travel down through walls without you even knowing.

Don’t Forget To Check Under The Cabinet

Sometimes the removal of cabinets and countertops are necessary so the underneath can be properly dried and the cabinetry saved.

Extract, Extract, Extract!

If there is any standing water, the most important step is to remove as much water as possible.


When severe conditions permit, it can actually cause “rain” indoors.

Saturated Subfloor

Ice Buildup

The loss of heat allowed water to freeze in the walls.

Inject-A-Dry System

We use this to put warm dry air in hard to reach areas

Look Out Below

Remove all wet ceiling tiles that are bowing. They can fall at anytime.