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4 Reasons to Have Your Furniture Professionally Cleaned

Furniture Cleaning Belmont, Upholstery Cleaning BelmontFurniture is undoubtedly one of the most major investments in our homes and businesses. It says a lot about your style and taste, and often plays a big role in life’s big moments – a first kiss on the family room sofa, a big job offer while seated at grandpa’s old desk, the sweet giggle of a newborn from their crib, and so on.

At All Brite Cleaning, we want those memories to never fade – and, we don’t want your furniture to fade or deteriorate with age, either! If you’ve never really considered getting your furniture professionally cleaned, here are four reasons to make the investment this fall:

  • Professional products & techniques.

At All Brite Cleaning, our technicians are trained to clean all different types of materials, remove stains, restore luster, and so on. With that training comes the knowledge of what will and will not work on various surfaces, what products could actually damage certain surfaces in the long run, and what techniques are most effective to gently clean even the most delicate fabric or furniture piece. Professional cleaning can have your furniture that you thought was nearing the end of its lifespan looking better than it has in years. Plus, professional products can help get rid of any malodors – like those pets sometimes leave behind.

  • Don’t leave it wet.

Kind of an odd statement, right? But some of those cleaning products and cleaning equipment you can pick up at the nearest Target or Wal-Mart leave way too much water or moisture in your fabric. Water that sits for too long can turn into mold, and we’re pretty sure no one wants a moldy love seat! Plus, moisture sitting on wood framing for too long can also result in permanent damage.

Professional furniture cleaning involves steam, not water, and everything should be dry in just a few hours. This technique also helps deter color bleeding, fabric stretching or shrinking, and so on.

Just like we really insist on regular professional carpet cleaning, furniture cleaning is also vital to keeping allergens at bay. There are so many airborne particles in our home and our environment, it’s impossible to keep them all out. We do our best to dust and vacuum on our own, but the truth is that a lot of those particles settle into the fabric on our furniture, our carpet, and into our duct work. So it only makes sense that the more often you have each of those elements cleaned too, the cleaner the air in your home will be.

  • Longer lifespan!

We’ve talked about in other blogs how dust and dirt can work deep into carpet fibers, the padding, and even work deep enough to get down to the subfloor. As this dirt moves down, it breaks down the fibers of the rug, the backing, and the padding. The same goes for furniture. Dust and dirt will also settle deep into your furniture over time, breaking down the fabric. It can also result in lackluster leather and faded upholstery.

Not enough reasons for you? Give All Brite a call! We bet you’ll be surprised how reasonable a cleaning investment will be for you, your home, and your family.

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