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Flooded Basements in Gilford

Why did my basement flood in Gilford?

water in crawlspaceBroken pipes, heavy downpours, melting snow, flash floods, broken gutters, leaky windows, cracked foundations, tree roots invading your water lines…there are a large variety of reasons why your basement can become flooded. Water flows downhill into the lowest areas, making its way into the tiniest of cracks and seams. The possibility of your basement flooding depending on a variety of things including the stability of your home’s foundation and the region in which you live.

As time goes by homes shift and settle, sometimes compromising the structural integrity of the foundation. Small fractures can form allowing water to pour in. As the foundation shifts your windows can also become compromised.

Damaged or poor plumbing can also be another source for basements flooding in Gilford. This includes faulty water heaters, washing machines, clogged water lines, frozen pipes.

How can I prevent my Gilford basement from flooding?

There are a few preventative measures you can take to keep your Gilford basement from flooding.

  • Check and windows for broken seals and fix them.
  • Repair and cracks in your foundation.
  • Make sure you drains are not clogged and are in working order.
  • Check your plumbing systems for any leaks or broken pipes.
  • Make sure your gutter spout are draining properly and not letting water pool close to your homes foundation.
  • Make sure your sprinkler system for any damages.

If the unthinkable has happened and your basement is flooded don’t panic! Call in the water damage experts! All Brite Cleaning and Restoration can send in professionals to remove all of the water in your basement and perform and repairs that are necessary.  We are available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Ready to help you when your Gilford basement floods.




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