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Five Tips For Removing The Smoky Smell After A Fire

The last thing anyone wants after dealing with a fire in their home is to be reminded of that fire by a smoky odor every time they breathe. Sadly, the smoky smell left by a fire can be incredibly difficult to remove. However, it is not impossible! Our restoration professionals at All Brite Restoration in the Gilford area is highly experienced in working with fire and smoke damage restoration. We see homes once ravaged by fire and smoke restored like new on a regular basis. Here are a few tips for you regarding how to get that smoky smell out of your home after a fire.

Circulate Fresh Air

The more fresh air you can get cycling throughout your home to displace the smoke the better. However, there is a system to circulating air that will lead to better results than simply opening all your doors and windows. To do this, you should open the main door to your house and set up a large fan outside facing inwards. Then, turn the fan on high speed and close all other doors and windows, except for one window for exhaust. This allows fresh air to enter the room through the open window and the smoke to be pushed out of the home. You can do this for each room.

Deep Clean The House

Circulating air through your home is not sufficient for removing the smoky odor. An intense, comprehensive deep cleaning is required as well. Simply put, every part and possession within your home needs to be cleaned. Smoke has a way of permeating everything that it touches so this is an undesirable, but necessary step.

Clean The HVAC System

You efforts to rid your home of smoke will do little good if an uncleaned HVAC system later disperses smoke throughout the home again. Therefore, you need to change the air conditioning filters (as well as any other air filters and furnace filters) as soon after the fire as possible, have the HVAC system inspected to ensure that it hasn’t sustained any damage during the accident. Professional air duct cleaning may also be required to guarantee the good air quality in your living environment.

Repaint The Walls

Even the paint on the walls can retain a smoky odor. In order to remove the smoky smell from the paint, you will likely need to repaint your walls. To do this, you will first want to use cleaning products like ammonia and glycol to wash the walls. They will help neutralize the smoke. Finally, you should apply a primer that locks in odors and latex paint to finish the job.

Call The Pros

As you can see, smoke damage cleanup is no simple task. There are steps you can take to mitigate the damage on your own. However, calling in the pros is a must for effective smoke damage cleanup. Don’t hesitate to contact All Brite Restoration in Gilford for help for any smoke damage problems you may have!

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