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Five Reasons Why A Restoration Service Should Handle Your Fire Damage Cleanup

fire damage removal laconia, fire damage laconiaExperiencing house fires and fire damage can be incredibly devastating and overwhelming. After the dust has settled and the smoke has cleared, you may find yourself asking, “What next?” 

The good news is that you don’t have to act alone in fire damage repair. In fact, by calling a restoration service like All Brite Cleaning if you live in the Laconia area, you are placing yourself out of harm’s way and putting your home and the salvation of its contents in the best hands possible.

After a disaster, you may be apprehensive to let someone else touch your belongings and go through the rubble, but did you know that handling fire damage repair through a restoration service is actually the best way to save as much as possible in the safest way possible? Here are five reasons why.


Professional restoration services have the training and experience necessary to properly analyze, ashess, and address the damage done to your home. With that experience, professionals have the added acumen to check for things below the surface and handle soot and smoke damage with an expert hand.


Professional restoration services are fully equipped with everything you might need to salvage as much as possible. This includes appliances, documents, walls, flooring, and much more. They will be able to handle smoke and soot damage better than any DIY cleanup could. Restoration services have the ability to save things that you might have thought you had to throw out. This means that more of your belongings can be saved, and all those things that make your house a home have a higher potential to stay for the long run.


House fires can cause a lot of immediate destruction. Luckily, fire damage cleanup services have all the equipment necessary to address all the problems that may arise from a fire in your home. Not only does All Brite Cleaning have the equipment necessary to clean up smoke and soot damage, but they are also prepared to cover any other damages surrounding the incident, such as water damage from extinguishing the fire.

Less Hassle, More Safety

Having a restoration service to handle your fire damage repair takes an immense burden off your shoulders. Having your home destroyed is difficult enough to get through. You should be able to look after your family and emotionally recover without having to stress about repairing your home. In addition, hiring a professional company ensures your safety and the safety of those in your home. They will make sure that every inch and potential hazard that may present itself as a result of the fire is professionally and carefully taken care of.

24/7 Emergency Service

Time is irrelevant to disaster, so one of the best things about restoration services like All Brite Cleaning is that they offer 24-hour service. This means that if your candle-warmer ignites in the middle of the night, as soon as you know your family is safe and the firefighters have given you the all-clear, you can call your local restoration service to handle the rest without having to wait for the typical nine-to-five shifts to start. 

All-in-all, when disaster strikes, calling a restoration service is the best way to go. If you find yourself in need of fire damage repair and live in the Laconia area, you can call All Brite Cleaning and Restoration at 603-556-4624 or text 603-393-3331 for 24/7 quality service.

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