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All About Soot And Fire Damage

fire damage cleanup concord, fire damage repair concordWhen Santa comes down the chimney, soot is just a small price to pay for all the great presents. In reality, soot removal is complicated, messy and possibly dangerous.  “Soot” describes the fine black carbon particles caused by incomplete combustion of coal, oil, wood, or other fuels. In the home, the problem usually relates to unattended candles, careless cooking or a fireplace malfunction.

Why Does Soot Spread?

About 99 percent of particles in indoor air are too small to be seen individually, and many are so small they can only be seen with an electron microscope. These tiny pieces settle extremely slowly and are disrupted as air molecules “bump” into each other. The particles vary in size, density, and electrostatic charge.

Deposition of the particles is most affected by surface electric charge, temperature, and moisture content. Since it is so small, soot can move a long distance from the source before being deposited. For example, heating appliances that do not have soot around them can be the source of soot in other rooms.

Cleaning Furnishings

Clean up begins with identifying the type of surface you are dealing with: wet, dry or protein based. Next, consider the affected material– not all surfaces can be cleaned using the same methods. For example, soot can etch brass or copper in as little as 24 hours. A full-service fire damage cleanup team like All Brite will be able to inspect each piece of furniture and help you determine the best course of action. Do not attempt to wash or dust fire damaged wood surfaces; chances are that your cleaning tools will scratch the surface and ruin the piece.

Cleaning Soot Stains From Walls

Fireplaces, cigarettes and the burning of candles can all result in soot stains on walls. Though soot collects on other surfaces in the home, soot stains are easy to spot on light-colored walls.  To clean soot stains from walls, a dry cleaning sponge can wipe the soot from the wall with downward strokes, collecting the particles area by area.

Don’t attempt DIY solutions like paint thinners or rubbing alcohol. Fire damage cleanup professionals will be able to determine which products will be successful with your wall finishes. For any significant sized area, get professional help to avoid spreading or embedding. All Brite Cleaning & Restoration uses multiple techniques such as chemical sponges with non-water-based cleaner to clean soot from walls.

Professional Cleanup Service In Concord

Specialized equipment that professional might use include: particulate samplers, differential pressure transducers, electron microscopes, combustion analyzers, and blower doors.

Because of toxicity and fumes, All Brite’s team will use all safety precautions such as rubber gloves, ventilators and and maximizing ventilation while working.

All Brite Cleaning Guaranteed Results

To prevent more damage, hire a professional fire and smoke damage cleanup professional immediately after the fire is extinguished and your local fire department has issued an okay to return to the property.  The professionals at All Brite Cleaning & Restoration can take care of all aspects of fire damage cleanup to ensure that your property is completely restored.

All Brite Cleaning & Restoration, Inc. provides cutting edge technology and outstanding service experience in and around in Concord. Every job comes with our 100% risk-free guarantee. If you are not happy with the work, they will come back and redo it for free. And if a spot reappears, call within 30 days and they’ll come back and fix it – no hassle and no charge. Still not satisfied? They will refund your money. Call 603-556-4624 or visit  

If your property has been damaged by fire or smoke, All Brite Cleaning & Restoration is here to help get your property and belongings back to their pre-loss condition. All Brite Cleaning & Restoration has the knowledge and resources to quickly and efficiently restore fire and smoke damaged buildings. We work closely with our clients from start to finish. Call 603-556-4624 (or send a text to 603-393-3331.)

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