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Fire Damage Aftermath in Concord: the Do’s and Don’ts


1. Call a Fire Restoration Crew

Once you’ve guaranteed the safety of your family or employees, call a restoration company immediately. Timing is crucial in order to restore your property.

Did you know?

All Brite Cleaning offers 24/7 emergency services in Concord and its surrounding areas. They arrive at your door and immediately assess, sanitize, and restore your property to pre-loss condition.

The most important thing? Do not wait! The longer your property is exposed to smoke, soot, and ash, the more extensive the damage will be. Which in turn, causes a longer (and more expensive) cleanup process.

2. Cut the Power

Find the main fuse box or circuit breaker and turn off all electricity and power until a technician arrives. Avoid standing in any water between you and the fuse box.

Use a long wooden stick or broom to help you cut the power. If you cannot reach the breaker panel or fuse box, wait for a technician.

3. Inspect Your Home or Business

Before a certified fire damage professional arrives, check the outside of your property and make sure it is safe to enter. Inspect the foundation for cracks, loose power lines, or missing beams. Once you’ve determined the building is safe to enter, assess the damage.

Many do not think of water damage after a fire, but pipes tend to break during the disaster. So be on the lookout for sinking floors, swelling walls, or sagging ceilings. These are all indications of a water leak.

4. Document the Damage

As you inspect your property, take pictures of the fire disaster aftermath. You should document any structural or water damage (if flooding is present).

Write a list of items affected such as appliances, furniture, carpets, and antiques.

Do Not

1. Follow DIY Content Repair

A simple, “dust and wash off” method is not enough to remove small, hidden particles in your contents after a fire. Smoke odors, soot, and ash infest contents for several years if they are not properly cleaned.

To prevent further damage to your belongings, call the professionals before trusting a DIY tutorial. They use high-tech equipment, techniques, and special chemicals to deodorize and sanitize your contents.


All Brite Cleaning not only cleans and repairs fire damage—they’ll also restore your contents. So if your furniture, documents, or antiques are damaged, they’ve got you covered.

2. Remove Water Damage Alone

Without professional equipment, water removal is impossible. Water seeps into the floors, walls, and ceilings and spread to unseen areas. Your home or business is then exposed to mold and mildew. To save money and protect your building from further damage, wait for the fire damage repair team to arrive.

3. Discard Damaged Goods

Do not move any damaged goods until an inventory has been taken. Insurance companies need pictures and documented proof of any damaged items before they are moved from the premises.

If you’ve hired a good fire damage restoration company, they will take inventory of your home and business for you and send it to the insurance agency. They will also pack the items, take them to a cleaning facility, and restore any damaged contents to their pre-fire condition. Once the items are ready, they deliver and unpack the items for you. We understand how much of a burden fire and smoke damage can cause. Please contact us for more information on our services and how we can help you.

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