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Christmas Trees Can Cause Water Damage

Tis the season! You spent hours hanging holiday lights, the stockings are hung with care, and there is a beautiful Christmas tree in the front room. Starting a fire with your Christmas tree is probably one of your biggest fears for the holiday, but did you know that other more common accidents can happen? Your living room carpet or hardwood flooring can suffer from damage caused by water pan leaks.

Water Damage from Christmas Trees is Common

More often than not, people place a tree skirt over the water pan of their Christmas tree. After a while they will usually notice that the Christmas tree seems to be drinking up a lot of water. If you have to fill your water pan daily, you may have a leak. Christmas trees don’t take that much water and it may not seem like much but even a small cup of water can cause major damage to your flooring if left unattended. Catching the signs that your water pan is leaking early can help you salvage your floors and prevent mold damage. You may try to repair your water pan but we recommend you replace it all together to make sure you won’t suffer from any future water leaks.

Contact the Professionals this Holiday Season!

At All Brite Cleaning and Restoration in Gilford, New Hampshire we work with homeowners that have suffered from water damage from their Christmas trees or any other source that has caused water damage this holiday season. Our professionals will dry out the affect areas and restore any damage that may have been caused by the water.

Don’t stress over water damage this holiday season! Contact the professionals at All Brite Cleaning and Restoration in Gilford, New Hampshire and enjoy the holidays while we work to restore your home back to normal!

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