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Carpet Stain Removal Laconia



Do you have ink stains on your carpets in Laconia? All Brite Cleaning & Restoration has some simple, easy to do it yourself, carpet stain removal tips for Laconia residents.

  • Things you will need to accomplish simple carpet stain removal in Laconia:
  • A clothing iron
  • A dampened terry or wash cloth.
  • A bottle of hydrogen peroxide.

Listed below are some simple steps you can take to remove carpet stains in Laconia.

carpet stain removal laconia


  • Lightly saturate the affected area with hydrogen peroxide. The professionals at All Brite Cleaning & Restoration recommend that you try this on an inconspicuous spot first. The hydrogen peroxide could affect the dye of your carpet fibers, causing discoloration.
  • Lay the damp terry or wash cloth on the stained area of your carpet.
  • Apply the heated clothing iron on top of the damp terry or wash cloth for several seconds. This enables the terry or wash cloth to soak up the stain.
  • Make sure you pay close attention when using the heated iron. If you use to much heat you can burn or melt your carpet fibers.
  • Repeat the steps above until you reach the desired results.

Are you still struggling with nasty carpet stains? Some simple methods may not be enough to remove those deep down stains that have been sitting for too long. When you run across these tough to get rid of stains in Laconia call All Brite Cleaning & Restoration!  Our certified professionals will use specialized carpet stain removal techniques and equipment to rid your carpets of any spots or stains.

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