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Carpet Cleaning Tips For Those Who Would Rather Be Doing Other Things

Let’s face it. Not many people look forward to vacuuming and cleaning their carpet. Yet, there are certain things you need to do to stay on top of carpet cleaning so you aren’t left with damaged and worn carpet in the future. To help you keep your carpet clean with as little invested time as possible, here are five simple carpet cleaning tips recommended by our carpet cleaning experts at All Brite in Laconia.

Take Your Shoes Off

Simply taking your shoes off every time you go in your home is the easiest way to prevent wear on your carpet. This is an easy precedent to establish in your home, but you may use want to put a sign up indicating that shoes shouldn’t be worn inside the house. That way, guests will know to take their shoes off as well and your carpet be free from much of the dirt and grime found on the bottom of shoes

Invest In A Good Vacuum And Use It Correctly

The difference between low-quality and high-quality vacuums is significant. High-quality vacuums suck up dirt and grime much more effectively than low-quality models, leaving your carpet much more clean in the long run. However, simply having a vacuum does not make your carpet clean. You should vacuum your house at a minimum of once per week and at least twice per week in high-traffic areas. You also need to make sure that you are using your vacuum correctly. The main mistake that people make while vacuuming is setting the vacuum at the wrong height. If you set your vacuum too high it will be unable to effectively clean your carpet, Too low, though, and it can actually damage your carpet fibers. 

Clean Up Stains Immediately

If your carpet is stained, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is neglecting to clean up the stain right away. Stains sink deeper into the carpet the longer they sit without being removed. This makes stains more difficult, if not impossible, to clean. Make it a top priority to remove stains as quickly as you possibly can. 

Use Entrance And Exit Mats

Entrance and exit mats are another simple way to keep your carpets clean. The amount of dirt and grime that shoes track in to a home can be quite large. You can prevent a large portion of this dirt from ever touching your carpet by providing mats inside and outside your home to catch it. 

Don’t Trust Just Anyone To Clean Your Carpet

If carpet cleaning is done wrong it can actually do more harm than good. That’s why you should never hire someone to clean your carpet unless you are confident in their ability to do so. 

Our team of carpet cleaners at All Brite in Laconia are experienced and qualified in all types of carpet cleaning. Don’t hesitate to give us a call for any carpet cleaning needs you may have. Your carpet will thank you! 

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